• Big_andreybondar

    Andriy Bondar

    It's a difficult situations with literature now. And sometimes, dangerously help it. It is better not to interfere. But best of all - do not disturb, quietly helping.

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  • Big_content_content_kate

    Ganna Veselovska

    Theater is not the space stage and auditorium. The space between ... This is a space where there are feelings and emotions, which pulsates Intelligence. This space is the exchange of living energies.

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  • Big_alik

    Alik Shpylyuk

    In the wake of the international successes of Ukrainian films and, I believe, restoring state support of filmmaking industry we should support all fresh, independent, innovative

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  • Big_content_newol

    Olesia Ostrovska-Liuta

    Ukrainian art needs fresh ideas, new vision and new education. Recent years brought some vivacity, and we should support this movement."

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